Sunday, 6 July 2014

Difficult questions-Tough solutions

Welcome to this blog!We live in a world where asking questions is not much welcomed. Children in schools are discouraged to see things with a different perspective.  Alas! That might cause embarrasment to the teacher if such a perspective can't be explained by him/her. This certainly explains why we have such an insignificant number of innovations as compared to other countries such as China. Even in the political  and administrative arena anyone inquiring into something which makes the big wigs uneasy attracts their ire. No wonder why many honest officers suffer so much. If one goes to the extreme level and questions the cause of corruption and anarchy then he exposes his life to threats. The gruelsome murders of several RTI activists is more than a substantial evidence in this regard.

But all this said, we cannot avoid asking difficult questions because in the answer to these questions will lie the solutions for advancement, advancement not only materially but also morally and spiritually.  Let's not forget the likes of Aristotle ,  Galileo and many others who laid their lives while questioning the corrupt regimes in order to establish the truth.  Let's not their sacrifices go in vain!

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