This post is not to defame the city. I love my city,my #Allahabad and I want that the city has clean and healthy environment for its residents to live . I have been trying to talk to the people, distribute pamphlets, tweet and tag important people, even the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister and write to the local administration but to no avail. Calls from the Nagar Nigam/ Municipality were only a formality . The official was interested in recording that the complain has been resolved and that there was actually no problem in the area. Interestingly, when I pointed out that many residents don't listen and so he should undertake a surprise inspection, he said that he won't do so and rather I should give him the names of erring people. So I have made this video so that the problem can't be denied. I hope that it comes to the notice of those who are responsible for taking action ie the administration and government . That will be done only if you share this video more and more.

#swachhbharat #allahabad #publichygiene #garbage #litter #disease